• Professional Geese Clearing Services

    Respectfully eliminate bothersome geese on open spaces with the fastest, most effective, reliable and humane method possible – highly trained Border Collies.
  • The Geese Chasers™ Solution

    Maintaining virtually geese free environments for our clients for over 15 years. Only the use of our highly trained Border Collies delivers a natural and long-lasting solution.
  • Natural and Effective

    Only Border Collies and their highly trained handlers provide an effective, natural and long-lasting solution that will control your Canada Goose problem year-round and bringing no harm to the geese, to children or to anyone present.
  • Trained and Certified

    Geese Chasers™ is proud to provide our high profile clients with OSHA required documentation, statistical safety and insurance data in order to verify safety performance and compliance to become a “Qualified Approved Contractor.” Government and commercial enterprises count on Geese Chasers for certified delivery of professional services.
  • Franchises Available!

    Be your own boss; work with your own dog; run a home-based business with minimum investment, staff and time! We have a unique concept and a total commitment to assist you in your own Geese Chasers™ franchise.
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Geese Chasers™

Professional Geese Clearing Services

1-866-98-GEESE (43373)

“Franchising is a doorway for many people looking to be their own boss. A brand that makes our annual “FRAN-TASTIC 500” list demonstrates that it goes above and beyond the norm in helping people fulfill their dreams of business ownership through franchising! It’s a brand that sets itself apart!”
— Alesia Visconti, CEO of FranServe Inc.

Humane Effective Affordable
You are experiencing problems with Canada Geese: unsightly, bothersome, foul.

Finally, there's a professional geese management service you can call, Geese Chasers™, LLC. Chances are you've seen us on the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Fox News, ABC News, CBS News, and NBC News. That’s because Geese Chasers humanely eliminates bothersome Canada Geese populations with the quickest and most proven method possible with the use of highly trained Border Collies and their handlers.

These intelligent, friendly, and amazing working dogs are especially bred and trained to "herd" or "harass" without harm.

Geese Chasers™ is the #1 name in Goose control throughout North America with a history of tremendous success for its commercial, residential, corporate, municipal, city, and state clients. and looks forward to putting its expertise to work for you.

Contact us for a complimentary evaluation. Geese Chasers™ geese management — it's the last call you''ll ever have to make about your Canada Goose problem.

Watch the AOL special "In the Know" video profile of Geese Chasers™!

Coronavirus (COVID-19] UPDATE

During this time of social isolation and home sheltering, our Geese Chasers are observing practices to ensure limited exposure. Our work continues to be conducted in open air and isolated manner minimizing contact and risk to human populations.

Watch the Story of Geese Chasers™

Fastest-Growing Franchise!

Work with your dog in your territory with complete training and support. Where else can you work in the outdoors every day with your trained dog while building a business? Join our winning team and start your future today. Learn More

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New Territories Available!

Flock to an Incredible Franchise Opportunity

Watch Geese Chaser™ founder, Bob Young talk about our incredible franchise opportunity recorded on the floor at the International Franchise Expo.

In The News

Find out what local and national coverage have to say about our reliable geese clearing solution.

As Seen On...

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  • Commercial Properties
  • Golf Courses/Clubs
  • Communities
  • Municipal Properties

Commercial property managers responsible for dealing with "resident Canada Goose" populations may have tried scarecrows, flags, mylar tape and balloons But only the use of highly trained handlers and Border Collies will control your Canada Goose problem year-round. 

Private and community golf course property managers are increasingly hearing the complaints of valued members: no more goose poop!. Groundskeepers have tried pop guns, noise makers, fencing, and sound machines. Some have even applied chemicals to the turf. None of these provide an effective, natural and long-lasting solution. Only the use of highly trained handlers and Border Collies will put the ball back on course. 

Common areas at apartments, condos, and private communities have seen the use of scarecrows, flags, mylar tape and balloons or fencing to address the resident Canada Goose problem. Only the use of highly trained handlers and Border Collies will control your Canada Goose problem year-round. 


Schools, parks, and public spaces have grown overrun with residential Canada Goose. Taxpayers, students and visitors needn't be disgusted when using public space. Don't rely on scarecrows, flags, mylar tape, balloons, pop guns, noise makers, fencing, or sound machines. Ask us about our highly trained handlers and Border Collies to control your Canada Goose problem year-round. 


Geese Chasers™ Case Study

Geese cleared over 11-week program
Week 1
405 remaining geese
Week 4
Week 7
week 11
  • "Within weeks the Canada Goose population had diminished to nearly zero."

    "It's not only a treat to be rid of the geese, our golfers love seeing the Border Collies and their handlers do their thing. I'm keeping Geese Chasers™ on the job."

    image Gregg Armbruster
    Medford Lakes Country Club
    Medford, NJ
  • "Our neighborhood has been virtually geese free."

    "To anyone that's fed up with the disgusting mess left by Canada Goose call Geese Chasers™. They're great people to work with and provide an invaluable service."

    image Jeff Herdeg
    Home Owners Association
    Pheasant Mere Community, NJ
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