Our Services

Geese Chasers™ currently offers three package programs. All include a complimentary demonstration, evaluation and estimate. After evaluating your particular Canada Goose problem, and in consultation with you, we will recommend the appropriate package to rid you of your Canada Goose once and for all.

Please note that these plans below can be customized to fit your unique situation and budget.

  • Initial Clearing

    Initial Clearing Program is specially designed to make the quickest and most effective impression on resident Canada Goose
    4 -6 weeks
    Multiple daily visits, as needed
  • Maintenance

    Maintenance Program discourages geese from taking up permanent residence and indefinitely dissuades returning
    Daily visits, as needed
  • On Call

    On Call Program is a more flexible approach: just call Geese Chasers when you feel your property needs a clearing
    ≈2 hours after your call
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How We Get Started

After you contact us and provide us with preliminary information about your resident Canada Goose problem, we'll set up a site visit. The ideal time for this is morning or late afternoon: it is during this time of day we can best evaluate your property and gauge the number and location of the Canada Goose.

We'll arrive with our Border Collies and, while evaluating your site, we'll demonstrate how these superb dogs stalk and clear the Canada Goose.

Part of the evaluation process includes an appraisal of the quickest exit for the Canada Goose on your site, typical wind direction, and areas of greatest Canada Goose residency.

After this study is complete, we'll provide you with a Canada Goose control recommendation and related costs and timing. If you report to others in your organization, such as an overseeing board, we'll be happy to present our findings and recommendation to them, as well.

After acceptance of our proposal, we'll begin addressing your goose problem and within weeks, your Canada Goose problem will be a thing of the past.